SynFlex A/S’ 25th anniversary
SynFlex Scandinavia

The history of the second international subsidiary of the SynFlex Group began as a result of the acquisition of Eldra GmbH in Austria in 1993. The reason being that Eldra GmbH initially owned 50 % of the shares of company John Hjalholt A/S which had been the Danish distributor at that time.

Both Eldra GmbH and Synflex Elektro International GmbH now held shares in John Hjalholt A/S and consequently the company name changed to Synflex Hjalholt A/S. The son of the company’s founder, Mr. Sven Hjalholt, continued as the Managing Director.

In 1996, Synflex Hjalholt A/S acquired company Hafnia Production A/S. This Danish manufacturer of finished insulation materials was a good addition to SynFlex' own product range.

In 1997, Mr. Per Larsen was appointed Managing Director and in 1998, Mr. Anders Pedersen was hired as Finance Director.

The company would finally change its name to SynFlex A/S in 2001.

In 2002, Hafnia Production A/S was dissolved and became fully integrated into Synflex A/S. Employees and production machines moved to the existing SynFlex facilities in the town of Værløse, north of Copenhagen.

Mr. Per Larsen and Mr. Anders Pedersen took the opportunity to invest in the company and they acquired the majority of shares in Synflex A/S in 2003.

In 2011, Synflex A/S acquired company Johnson Technica A/S and all employees moved in with SynFlex in Værløse. By this acquisition SynFlex now had expanded its position on the coil winding market, while also expanding the local product range with a considerable share of business in industrial cables and various electromechanical components.

In 2014, the local management decided to sell their shares due to the retirement of Mr. Per Larsen. Mr. Mads Hesselbæk Olesen was appointed Managing Director and SynFlex A/S is now again 100 % owned by and a fully integrated part of the SynFlex Group, serving customers across the Nordic countries.

Very close linked to the positive development of a company are the employees and management. We, as the SynFlex Group, would like to say thanks to all employees at SynFlex Denmark for your loyalty, support and commitment over the last 25 years. For the future we wish you success, positive thinking and sometimes some luck which one requires!!!