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SynFlex Group
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SynFlex Scandinavia
SynFlex A/S’ 25th anniversary

The history of the second international subsidiary of the SynFlex Group began as a result of the acquisition of Eldra GmbH in Austria in 1993. The reason being that Eldra GmbH initially owned 50 % of the shares of company John Hjalholt A/S which had been the Danish distributor at that time.

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The new SynFlex Group
Common Goal – Joint Progress

Harnessing synergies! Under the roof of the SynFlex Group, we bring the trusted brands SynFlex, SHWire and IsoTek closer together and can effectively harness synergies in systems development and consulting, laboratory services and logistics.

In doing so, we attain the highest level of industry-specific system expertise, along with a holistic, long-term approach in terms of how we think and act, in addition to offering the reliability of a family-run business, for the widest array of market and customer needs.

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SynFlex Group
Industry 4.0

In the light of the largest economic crisis since the Second World War and the subsequent rapid recovery which followed it, the course of economic development in recent years has demonstrated that production guarantees a stable and competitive economy. Production secures prosperity, employment and, ultimately, the future for all of us. During times in which we see relocation to low-wage countries, the European economy asserts itself through flexibility, quality and stability. This applies in particular to the winding industry.

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